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Manuscript Writing Services

Creative writing is personal. You spend months, if not years, perfecting your plot, developing your characters, and discovering the depth and passion of your work. You may be terrified to release your manuscript into the world, yet only by letting others read your story will you be able to amuse, inspire, and evoke change. Whether you’re planning to self-publish or you’re hoping to send your manuscript to an agent, you want your writing to reflect your best creative self. Little Leaf Copy Editing’s writing services will give your manuscript an academic edge, the type of edge that will turn the page.

Beta Read


I will take off my editor's hat and assess your manuscript from purely a reader's perspective. You’ll receive a review that offers insights on your manuscript's story arc, your characters' strengths and weaknesses, and your story’s overall readability. I will also make note of any possible gaps or plot holes.


Starting at $50.00 for manuscripts up to 20,000 words.

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Story Critique


This critique takes beta reading to the next level by offering you a full assessment of your manuscript’s plot and story arc, characters, pacing, voice, and style, along with solutions and recommendations for revisions. In addition to a detailed synopsis, you will receive a markup of your manuscript with constructive feedback in the margins of the text.


Starting at $60.00 for the first 3,000 words.

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Manuscript Proofread and Stylistic Edit


This level of editing involves clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, and polishing language. I will correct grammar and syntax errors and will fine-tune the language while maintaining your voice and style.


Starting at $480.00 for manuscripts up to 20,000 words.

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Final Galleys Proofread

This level of proofreading involves conducting a final read-through to catch overlooked grammatical errors, missing words, strange sentence or paragraph breaks, or other formatting-type errors. With this service, I receive the manuscript as a pdf. I will create a document that notes what items need to be changed and their corresponding page numbers. You'll then be able to take those notes and hand them off to the person who is formatting your manuscript for publication.

$1.00 to $2.50 per galley page (approximately 250 words per page), depending on the type of manuscript and the depth of content.

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I am very pleased with how [Katie's] editing of my book turned out.

Richard A.


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