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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I'm not sure which level of copy editing I need for my project?

I'll happily take a look at a sample of your copy (1-2 pages) and make recommendations on what your project may need.


2. How long do you need to complete a project?

That depends upon the length of the copy and the type of writing service you've requested. My goal is to complete every project within a reasonable time frame and by each client’s requested deadline. Please note that last-minute requests may not be feasible, and I may require an additional charge if I do take on rushed projects.


3. Will the final project be 100% error-free?

I would love to say that I catch every grammar, syntax, and stylistic error and that every document I edit earns the highest grade or gains the best customer reviews. Alas, I am only human. While I will make every effort to make it so, I cannot guarantee that a project will be completely error-free.


4. Does your work include the more technical side of copy editing?

I specialize in grammar and all things prose, but I leave certain elements of copy editing—technical formatting (i.e., graphs/diagrams/charts), typecoding, fact-checking, and seeking permissions—to other experts. If possible, I will gladly recommend other freelancers or companies to you for these services.

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