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Business Writing Services

Whether you’re scheduling social media posts, sending out a weekly newsletter, writing for your blog, or developing a marketing proposal, business writing must be precise, appealing, and targeted to a specific audience. Clients, business associates, and potential employers want to know what you have to offer. Your writing must serve its intended purpose; otherwise, your readers will lose interest and all your time and effort will be for naught. Don’t leave first impressions to chance. Little Leaf Copy Editing’s writing services will give your writing and content an academic edge, the type of edge that will close the deal.

Social Media Management

I will help you create connections on Facebook by repurposing content from your blog or website and/or curating articles of interest from industry sites you follow. Content will be tailored to your personal brand and will focus on targeting a specific audience and fostering engagement through informative and helpful posts. You may select how frequently you would like posts to be scheduled each month.

$100.00 for two posts per week (eight to nine posts per month); $350.00 for posting every day of the month.

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Newsletter Content Creation

I will create content for your business’s newsletter (to include editing feature stories; linking to events, blog posts, social media pages, and websites; and promoting services and products). This product bundle includes formatting and scheduling your newsletter via an email marketing platform like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ConvertKit.

$105.00 per newsletter.

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Blog Content Creation

I will help you create content for your blog that provides relevant, helpful information to establish your expertise and build clients’ interest in your business's services or products. I offer both comprehensive editing and writing assistance. 

For content that you've already drafted, I will correct grammar and syntax errors, fine-tune the language (clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, and polishing language), and improve the copy's organization, structure, consistency, and transitions while maintaining your voice and style.

Posts that I write for you (with clear direction from you regarding content) will be up to 750 words each and will include a copyright-free image. 

You may also request that I format and schedule your posts on WordPress or your business's website.

$40.50 per edited post and $65.00 per written post, plus an additional $20.00 per post for formatting and scheduling.

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Report, White Paper, or Proposal Proofread and Stylistic Edit

This level of editing involves clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, and polishing language. I will correct grammar and syntax errors and will fine-tune the language to convey a congruent message.

Prior to having me edit your work, you may request that I complete a Content Critique for you. I will assess your writing on its clarity and structure and will offer tips on improving cohesion, flow, tone, and purpose.

You may also request that I complete a Documentation Review for you. I will cross-check every source reference against the list in your bibliography to ensure that every citation has a corresponding reference entry and vice versa and is formatted correctly.

$60.00 for items up to 2,500 words, then $12.00 per 500 words thereafter. Additional charges for Content Critique and Documentation Review.

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I loved how Katie brought out the important details of my story. She helped me bring my ideas together more cohesively so the reader can digest them. She gave me great suggestions on how to improve the blog post and important grammatical corrections so my blog post looks professional and polished.

Diane K.

Advocate and Entrepreneur

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