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Little Leaf Copy Editing was created by Katie Pavel, a life-long learner and creative who embodies the “smart girl” image and approaches all aspects of her personal and professional life from an academic angle. Guided by knowledge, skilled in knowing when something is “right” and why, and moved to do everything with excellence, Katie cares deeply about professional development and helping others establish a notable first impression through the written word. 

Writing is a fundamental way to communicate, even in our technologically-advanced society. For this reason, Little Leaf Copy Editing offers copy editing and creative content services that give businesses, professionals, and authors an academic edge in their writing. From social media management and content marketing to editing and consulting, Little Leaf Copy Editing focuses on correctness, purpose, and relevance to ensure clients create content that is consistent and high in quality.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Katie. 

I'm a writer, an avid reader, a doggy mom, and a pizza lover. Yup, that pretty much sums me up. But to get serious here... I'm a wordsmith who is passionate about English. 

For over ten years, I've used my writing skills professionally. I've reviewed grant proposals, edited theses and dissertations, taught college-level composition classes, assessed writing samples for job candidates, tutored students of all ages, and written content for websites, blogs, newsletters, and promotional materials. I recently held a workshop on business writing (see below!). 

Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, 2017
Master of Arts in English from South Dakota State University, 2007

Personal aspirations:
A lifelong dream of mine is to become a best-selling author. I'm working on my first novel for publication. Stay tuned!

A recent workshop: Kick-A** Quality Writing, Business Edition


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