Professional Copy Editing

From small projects to large projects, Little Leaf Copy Editing can meet your needs through a 

range of copy editing services.

Proofreading/Light Copy Editing

This is the lowest level of editing. I will fine comb your writing for grammar and syntax errors. I will make general recommendations about improving the content, but I will leave the rewriting and rearranging up to you.

Medium Copy Editing

This level of editing involves reworking the wording within sentences to improve the meaning and to freshen up the style of a document or manuscript. I will correct grammar and syntax errors and polish the language to convey a congruent message.

Heavy Copy Editing

This level of editing involves reworking much of a document or manuscript to improve its flow and structure. In addition to correcting grammar and polishing language, I will improve the organization and consistency of a text to make it coherent from beginning to end.

Content Editing

This is the highest level of editing. I will take your rough draft and create a clean, professional document or manuscript that reflects writing appropriate for its purpose. I may rewrite entire sections or request additional information to fill in missing elements.

Quality Writing Services

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Content Writing

Grant Writing

Writing Assessments


Beta Reading

Little Leaf Copy Editing/Little Leaf Copy, LLC - Professional Copy Editing and Quality Writing Services

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