Writing Service Bundles

I've taken my editing and consulting services and bundled them together to give you the best value. Three bundles, each with options tailored to fit your needs. 

Write & Grow  

Designed for anyone who is serious about growing as a writer. I combine my writing assessments and tutoring services into a personalized 10-week, 15-week, or 20-week class where you'll get one-on-one attention from me as we work on a writing project of your choice. 

Each bundle includes the following:

  • 5 writing samples (of a page-length you select)
  • 10 writing assessments (2 per writing sample, one prior to meeting and one after you've made revisions)
  • 5 hour-long tutoring sessions (in-person for local clients), designed to help you focus on your writing skills and craft 
  • 5 consult calls (as needed) to assist you in between sessions

Writing samples longer than the length determined by the service bundle will be charged an additional $25 for each 5-page increment. Additional assessments of revised samples will require an additional fee unless you choose to rework the same pages again for one of your five samples.  

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Correct & Clean  

Designed for writers, bloggers, and business owners who need their copy edited routinely throughout the year. Instead of paying for my editing services, one article or blog post at a time, purchase an editing bundle based on how many articles, blog posts, reports, etc. that you know you'll need edited over a 3-month, 6-month, or even 12-month period. 

Pay in full, know I'll be available to edit your copy when you need me, and enjoy from 11% to 12.5% savings. 

See below for more details.

With the Medium Copy Editing bundles, I will clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, polish the language, and correct grammar and syntax errors to convey a congruent message.

With Heavy Copy Editing bundles, I will correct grammar, polish language, and rework your copy's organization, structure, consistency, and transitions while maintaining your voice and style.  

Purchase multiple bundles if your articles vary in length and editing needs (for example, a client may purchase a Heavy Copy Editing bundle for three 1,000-word articles and a Medium Copy Editing bundle for six 500-word articles). Not sure what level of editing your copy needs? I'll be happy to make recommendations. 

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Story & Prose

Designed for creative writers who want to get their manuscript in the best possible shape before sending it off to an agent or publisher. This book coaching bundle starts with me beta reading your manuscript and assessing it from purely a reader's perspective. I'll offer insights on your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses and make note of any possible gaps or plot holes. I'll also comment on your story's overall readability. Next up, we'll work together for 10 weeks, 15 weeks, or 20 weeks (depending upon the length of your manuscript) in a Write & Grow class that will focus on finessing your plot and story arc, developing your characters, assessing your pacing (and noting tangents and redundancies), and crafting your style (while noting over-used words or tonal shifts). Last up, I will copy edit your manuscript to correct grammar and syntax errors, polish its language (with medium copy editing), and ensure its copy is structured for optimal readability (with heavy copy editing).

To begin, select your manuscript's approximate word count and the level of copy editing you desire. I'll provide you with a time-frame for the project in its entirety. Not sure what level of editing your copy needs? No worries. You can purchase a bundle with a lower level of editing and, prior to me copy editing your work, upgrade to a higher level should the need arise. I'll also be happy to make recommendations. 

Pricing for this bundle begins at $1,090 for a manuscript of up to 20,000 words with light copy editing. Please contact me for a full estimate of costs.

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