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Manuscript Editing, Little  Leaf Copy Editing

Creative writing is personal. You spend months, if not years, perfecting your plot, developing your characters, and discovering the depth and passion of your work. You may be terrified of releasing your manuscript into the world, yet only by letting others read your story will you be able to amuse, inspire, and evoke change. Whether you’re planning to self-publish, or you’re hoping to send your manuscript to an agent, you want your writing to reflect your true, creative self. Little Leaf Copy Editing’s manuscript editing and writing services will help ensure that you’re putting forth your best writing, the type of writing that will turn the page.

What manuscript are you working on?

Narrative non-fiction
Historical text
Short story collection
Personal essays
How-to book
Any other creative work
Manuscript Editing, Little Leaf Copy Editing

I can help you with the following:

  • Correcting grammar and syntax errors (according to the Chicago Manual of Style).
  • Polishing language to make your prose concise and clear.
  • Noting over-used words, redundancies, tonal shifts, tangents, or inconsistencies with pacing.
  • Offering insights on your manuscript’s plot, story arc, character development, and overall readability.

The writing services that will fit your needs:

Light Copy Editing (Proofreading)
Heavy Copy Editing (Line editing)
Tutoring (Book Coaching)
Beta Reading
Medium Copy Editing (Stylistic editing)
Writing Assessments
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*NEW* Story & Prose Service Bundle!

Check out my Services page for specifics on what each writing service entails.

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Writing Assessment

Opt in for a free writing assessment of a 1,000-word sample (a $30 value). 

Because Katie works hard early on to provide the cleanest, best copy available, it is easy to work with her. Katie has the kind of persistence, creativity, and dedication that will serve her well.

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