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Business Writing, Little Leaf Copy Editing
Whether you’re sending out a weekly newsletter, posting on your blog, or developing a marketing proposal, business writing must be precise, appealing, and targeted to a specific audience. Clients, business associates, and potential employers want to know what you have to offer. Your writing must serve its intended purpose; otherwise, your readers will lose interest and all your time and effort will be for naught. Don’t leave first impressions to chance. Little Leaf Copy Editing’s writing services will help ensure that you’re putting forth your best writing, the type of writing that will close the deal.

What business writing are you working on?

Annual report
Marketing proposal
News release
Grant application
Cover letter and resume
Any other business copy
Business Writing, Little Leaf Copy Editing

I can help you with the following:

  • Targeting a specific audience and engaging that audience by making the copy informative and useful.
  • Offering advice on how you can ensure your copy’s content serves its intended purpose.
  • Correcting grammar and syntax errors (according to the Chicago Manual of Style).
  • Polishing wording to make your copy concise and clear.
  • Writing the content for you, tailored to your business brand and marketing.

The writing services that will fit your needs:

Light Copy Editing
Heavy Copy Editing
Content Writing
Medium Copy Editing
Content Editing
Writing Assessments
*NEW* Correct & Clean Service Bundle!

Check out my Services page for specifics on what each writing service entails.


Katie took the vision we had for our new website and created a story that epitomizes who we are in a way that we could not have written on our own.

Doug P.

Butte Vista Farm

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Katie is good at capturing the reader's attention right away and holding it.

Angela W.

Dot Marketing & Design, LLC

Katie is vital to the process of ensuring our promotional candidates not only meet important proficiency standards but are also top-notch in their writing skills.

Lt. Elias D.

Rapid City Police Department