Academic Writing Services

Academic Writing, Little Leaf Copy Editing
The final research paper for the semester. The thesis or dissertation you’ve spent months, if not years, working on. An article for an esteemed academic journal. You want your writing to reflect credibility, merit, and skill. Professors will take note if your copy is polished clean of grammar errors. Peer reviewers will see right away if your argument stands up against their discerning critique. Don’t leave the first impression of your work to chance. Little Leaf Copy Editing’s writing services will help ensure that you’re putting forth your best writing, the type of writing that will make the grade.

What academic writing are you working on?

Thesis or dissertation
Research paper
Journal article
Grant application
Scholarship application
Any other form of academic writing
Academic Writing, Little Leaf Copy Editing

I can help you with the following:

  • Correcting grammar and syntax errors (according to the Chicago Manual of Style).
  • Polishing wording to make your copy concise and clear.
  • Offering advice on how you can improve your copy’s organization and content.
  • Crosschecking citations and reference page entries to ensure they adhere to MLA or APA documentation requirements.
  • Preserving your voice and personal writing style, all while making your copy clean and professional.

The writing services that will fit your needs:

Light Copy Editing
Writing Assessments
Grant Writing
Medium Copy Editing
*NEW* Write & Grow Service Bundle! 

Check out my Services page for specifics on what each writing service entails.

Katie ensured that grant proposals were succinct, conveyed a clear message, were free of grammar and syntax errors, and adhered to strict formatting requirements. Her work is worth the investment.

Dr. Nancy F.

South Dakota State University, College of Nursing

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Katie was able to help me craft a personal statement that reflected how I felt about Medicine while ensuring that my original voice and intent were captured perfectly.

Landon O.

South Dakota State University graduate